Graduate Certificate in Biofabrication

University of Wollongong Business School

نوع المؤسسة: الجامعة/مؤسسة التعليم العالي
مستوى: الدراسات العليا
CRICOS: 00102E

The Graduate Certificate in Biofabrication is a practical online course designed for professionals currently working in the fields of science, health, engineering and technology, as well as those who want to pursue a career in biofabrication. Learning from some of the world's foremost experts on 3D printing and bioprinting, including the printing hardware, software and bioinks, students will gain a broad understanding of the theory that underpins 3D printing technologies. The key concepts of biofabration will be presented through case studies involving clinical applications on printing Ears, Islet Cells, Cornea and Brain-on-a-Bench. Students will also develop a practical and technical skillset by preparing their own designs, through to printing 3D objects and post-production at UOW's ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science.

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