Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

La Trobe University

نوع المؤسسة: الجامعة/مؤسسة التعليم العالي
مستوى: المرحلة الجامعية
CRICOS: 00115M

Gain the skillset for an influential career. To understand the big issues of our age, we need to examine social and economic issues from a range of different angles. Because of this, tomorrow's leaders will benefit from legal expertise, while successful lawyers will require emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills. La Trobe's Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics gives you a practical, progressive and multi-disciplinary education with a unique social and ethical perspective on how the law operates. Gain a comprehensive legal skillset, then put it to work in real-world environments through placement opportunities. Enhance your political expertise by learning how governments manage their economies and achieve important social objectives. Study the interaction between inflation, unemployment, economic growth and foreign debt, along with the effects on social wellbeing.

معلومات عن الدراسة

الحرم الجامعيالرسوممدخّلة منتصف العامالحضور
Melbourne (Bundoora) International: $199,000 Yes
  • Full-time : 5 years
  • Part-time : 10 years

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