Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Science

La Trobe University

نوع المؤسسة: الجامعة/مؤسسة التعليم العالي
مستوى: المرحلة الجامعية
CRICOS: 00115M

Build a career in law or science - or both. Rapid evolutions in science and technology mean our advancements sometimes outpace the law. Get the skills to stay ahead. In La Trobe's Bachelor of Laws(Honours)/Bachelor of Science, you can pursue multiple interests and gain a powerful combination of legal skills and cutting-edge scientific knowledge. From stem cell research to how personal information is collected, stored and shared, advances in science and technology have real human impacts. This double degree uniquely prepares you to address contemporary challenges from a scientific, legal and ethical perspective. Benefit from our progressive approach to legal education with a law degree you can shape to your own career goals. You'll get a solid grounding in the basics of law and hone your expertise in advocacy, negotiation and dispute resolution - skills valued by employers across industries.

معلومات عن الدراسة

الحرم الجامعيالرسوممدخّلة منتصف العامالحضور
Bendigo International: $199,000 No
  • Full-time : 5 years
  • Part-time : 10 years
Melbourne (Bundoora) International: $199,000 Yes
  • Full-time : 5 years
  • Part-time : 10 years

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